Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area, is an important part of Zhongshan Mountain Scenic Area, an AAAA National Tourist Attraction, a national key park, and a National Water Scenic Area. It is confirmed by archaeology that Xuanwu Lake is a part of the ancient channel of the Yangtze River. Since the pre-Qin period, Xuanwu Lake has up to 20 names, including "Sangbo", "Houhu Lake", "Beihu Lake", "Taiye Lake" and "Kunming Lake". The name "Xuanwu Lake" was fist used in the 23rd year of Yuanjia Period under the regime of Emperor Wen of the Southern Dynasty (446).

Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area is located in the main city of Nanjing, with the integration of human heritage and natural landscape. During the Six Dynasties, it was a royal garden and lake, and during the Ming Dynasty, it was a national Huangce archive, and now it is known as the "Pearl of Jinling". The total area of the scenic spot is 5.13 square kilometers, of which the lake area is 3.78 square kilometers and the land area is 1.35 square kilometers. Xuanwu Lake is composed of "five islands", "one garden" and "one road". The five islands are connected by bridges and embankments, which is quite unique.

Huan Zhou got its name because it embraces Ying Zhou and it is known for "Huan Zhou Mists and Willows". There are many historical sites on the island, and the most famous ones are A Boy worshiping Guanyin Stone, Guopu Pier, and Rose Garden. Ying Zhou got its name because of the widespread cherries, once a tribute to the royal court, and it is known for "Ying Zhou Flower Sea". Liang Zhou got its name in commemoration of Prince Liang Zhaoming. The annual chrysanthemum exhibition is held here, so it is known for "Liang Zhou Chrysanthemum". The lake temple, Lansheng Building, Friendship Hall, Exhibition Hall of Houhu Huangce Archive of the Ming Dynasty and other historical sites and new scenes are gathered here. Ling Zhou got its name because the island was used to be abound with water caltrop (Lingjiao), and it is known for "Ling Zhou Mountain Clouds" since ancient times. Cui Zhou got its name because of the tall bamboos, exuberant cedar, and the eyeful of green. "Cui Zhou Trees" are its characteristics.

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Can we bring pets with us when we play in the park?

I'm sorry, but pets are not allowed in the park.

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We provide baggage deposit service in Tourist Service Center for free. And please carry valuables with you. 

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It's free! Welcom to Xuanwu Lake! 

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