Ying Isle

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Covering a total area of 6.59 hectares, Ying Isle is surrounded by water on its four sides and embraced by Huan Isle. According to a legend, after the Southern Tang Dynasty had just been conquered, Li Yu (the last emperor of this dynasty) was imprisoned here. In old days, this isle was overgrown with cherry trees, which produced red and tasty cherries, reputed as one of “the five most famous fruits of Nanjing”. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, cherries of Xuanwu Lake were offered to the royal court as tributes. As an area concentrated with cherry species in Nanjing, Ying Isle is overgrown with nearly 800 cherry trees of more than ten species. In spring, these cherry trees are covered with crimson cherry flowers like fire and rosy-clouds. Therefore, Ying Isle is reputed as “An isle covered with a sea of flowers”.